Students Training product

We have physical as well as mental handicapped children. The children are great in doing different things and making different items. With the help from the teacher, they can do lots of things that we cannot think of! They can be better in doing lots of things than a normal person can do.


We are proud to announce that two of our student, Tenpa Rapgyal and Kalsang Dolker are selected for the International Children's Art Festival 2009 table calendar and wall calendar, which was held in Tokyo, Japan.


We are also very proud to announce that we have participated twice in the Art Festival held in Baltimore, America 2003 and 2004.


We hold our own exhibitions through the help of supporters at various places.


The activities at our school are which generate these products are:
Incense making, where the children make incense in the traditional Tibetan style and in three sizes- small, medium and large. The incense is very aromatic in nature and is liked by everyone.
Friendship band making, where the children makes friendship band in different style and in different colors. Girls especially like making them.
Knitting items, where they are knitting mufflers, socks, baby shoes, caps, tablemat, cup mat etc. They are good in making such items.
Art section, where the drawings are first being taught and then the paintings, then they start making paper cards, then cloth cards, than on big cloth paintings and finally the Thangka drawings (Tibetan traditional drawings of the gods and the goddess). They are very good at making drawing.
Stitching is where the children make different size, design of bags, purses, pouches, tool kits, matt, cushion covers, prayer flags etc. We have lots of different designed bags.
We are also make different beats items like necklaces, bracelets, ear hangings, key chains etc.
Candles are also made here. We make the candles with different colors and different sizes, and now we are also using different scent.
We also recycle paper. We are making paper bags and files, note pads etc from the recycle paper. It is very environment healthy and also using the waste paper materials for such purpose.


Our articles are displayed in the institute showroom. You can visit us on any day but between 9AM to 5PM. Any person willing to buy such product can purchase by personal visit or even can order such product through telephone. Payment can be done through bank transfer as per detail here.
Students get encouraged and inspired to work even harder when they notice that their effort is appreciated by you.